222ee精品视频免费播Jiangsu Hanjian Group Co., Ltd. in its own development and expansion at the same time, don't forget to repay the society, actively participate in the cause of glory, "Thanksgiving, poverty alleviation, love package, the establishment of" Hanjian "poverty alleviation and scholarship," new rural construction "of social welfare and social services, effectively improve the some of the poorest areas of infrastructure and people's production and living conditions, to promote the development of the economy and social harmony. Until now, group company is the implementation of Guangcai program 128, capital in place of 897.65 million yuan, the implementation of the new rural project 18, invested about 3 billion yuan, resettlement and employment promotion 5000 people and donated student and various public welfare undertakings 388 million yuan, the counterpart funding for poor students of 158 people, of which there are 32 people have been walking on the job.

Donating 2 million China yuan to the Charity Federation of Hanjiang District of Yangzhou City
Former Secretary of Yangzhou Municipal Committee (of the CPC)( present hold the post of Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, and Minister of Publicity Department) inspected the New Rural Construction project named the Q of Gathering Blessing developed by Jiangsu Hanjian Group. 

The professional skills competition of named Hanjian Cup at Yangzhou municipal level

222ee精品视频免费播Actively organized enterprise employees joining in the municipal long-distance race at New Year’s Day

Address: No.209 Ji’an Road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Telephone: +86-514-80660188
Fax: +86-514-80660099

Telephone: +86-514-80660188   Fax: +86-514-80660099
Copyright(C)2016, Jiangsu Hanjian Group Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by Hanjian Information Department
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